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Custom Wheel Building

Custom Wheels - from £40+parts per wheel

Wheels can be new-built or rebuilt with existing components. I can supply new parts from a wide range of suppliers including DT Swiss, Ryde/Rigida, Mavic, Shimano, SRAM, Miche, DCR and Bitex at competitive prices as part of a build. I can also build with customer-supplied parts (subject to review). I generally build with Sapim spokes but can also supply spokes from DT Swiss and ACI on request.

Prices for custom builds start from £40+parts for a wheel built to 20% tension variance with plain gauge or regular double-butted spokes and a standard lacing pattern. Prices increase for narrow gauge spokes, lower tension variance, and non-standard lacing patterns, all of which affect the time taken for a build.

Give me a call to discuss options and pricing for your custom wheel build.

Small Volume/OEM Builds

While machine builds are more economical than hand-building in even moderate volumes, sometimes OEMs and other businesses need small production runs, on-demand builds or extra build capacity which don't suit the economies of scale offered by factory builders. I can build with components supplied by you or I can supply components with good discounts for volume purchases. Completed wheels can be shipped to you or direct to customers depending on your needs.

If you're looking for small volume production of wheels or extra build capacity, give me a call to discuss your requirements.

Off-the-Shelf Wheels

Hand-built custom wheels are an excellent choice if you want a specific set of components or some other feature which is unavailable off-the-shelf. However, sometimes an off-the-shelf wheel is a suitable choice, either because it is matched to a groupset or because it offers a suitable combination of quality and price for the application. I can supply pre-built wheels from premium brands such as Campagnolo, Shimano, Mavic as well as budget brands such as M-Part and Tru-Build, at competitive prices.

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